Rescuing the Blog

I haven’t blogged in awhile! While I’ve been keeping up the discourse that’s attached to the site, the actual blog itself is a different story. The static nature of the site helps keep it maintained, because I don’t actually have to touch it, until I want to add new content.

One thing that I noticed right away is that I’ve switched to using Markdown over Restructed text. This is because Github uses Markdown. So this article is being written using Markdown instead of RST.

The other thing I’ve learned is that I need to keep idiot proof instructions for how to stand this thing back up after I’ve been away for awhile. It’s funny how when you have side projects, the first thing that you notice is that you need a “look at this stupid!” text blob for remembering how to get things running again.

My instructions for this project are awful. I’ve added some updates to remind myself. I was surprised on a fresh install that all the dependencies seem to be working after two years! It seems that chooosing Pelican was a smart choice.

Now let’s see if we can’t push these two articles up and close the loop.

If I remember the most difficult part with the entire process, it’s actually in the pushing of the content.

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